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The EAST WIND FOUNDATION FOR YOUTH, INC is a 501(c)3 registered organization based in the heart of the Los Angeles Chinatown community.  Established in 1972 by Sifu Ron Quan, East Wind’s focus on working towards creating opportunities and making positive impacts on at-risk youths has made them a leader in the global community of not-for-profit institutions.  This long-standing tradition has instilled confidence and self-esteem in every person invested with the organization.  East Wind has grown since its modest beginnings and seeks to continue its success in three key areas: Performing Arts, Education, and Community.

meet our

Board of Directors

Executive Director

Wayland Tam

Director of Finance

Brian Nosaka

Director of Operations

Brian Lam

Director of Administration

Angelica Soohoo

Director of Communications

Brian Fong

Director of Career Development

Daniel Vinh

Wayne Li

Director of Instruction

Family Physician

Victor Luu, MD

Parent Advisor

Janice Tom

Parent Advisor

Wingo Tom

Eric Soohoo

Instructional team

Instructional team

Nicole Li

Instructional team

Beck Ruanthong

Lauren Lam

Social Media/Instructional team

Okis Fong

Audry Soohoo

Director of Logistics

Social Media/Instructional team

Tony Luu

Kandice Kwan

Logistics Team/Photographer

Social Media/Instructional team