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Leveraging their proprietary martial arts and lion dancing program, instructors and mentors bestow constructive reinforcement and encouragement to the youths not only to build confidence and self-esteem but to foster a safe environment allowing youths to test their limits and learn that failure is a part of the journey to success.  East Wind has discovered that the ancillary benefits of this program have been immeasurable from the ever-lasting friendships to the reaffirmation of Chinese culture and traditions.  Most importantly, this program has found a way to deter the youth from delinquent activities which is an immense stride to preventing the growth of gangs.

Lion Dance

The East Wind South China Lion Dance Troupe is a well acclaimed lion-dance performance team. For over 40 years, East Wind has provided entertainment in a myriad of events which include: parades, multicultural festivals, business grand openings, weddings, birthday parties, and corporate events.   On the streets of Chinatown, Los Angeles, the East Wind lion dance team is known for its vibrant drumbeat, colorful costumes, double and triple-decker lion-dance, and martial art performances.

Martial Art

Three words succinctly describe the East Wind workout experience: Tough, dynamic and rewarding. The East Wind Martial Art training sessions are held every Friday and Saturday evenings. The purpose of the class is to cover a broad area of physical exercises designed to build strength, stamina, flexibility, and speed. Of equal importance is developing each student’s self confidence, self-esteem, self discipline, and teaching them the values of commitment, respect, integrity, teamwork, and leadership. As an added benefit, students make new friends and expand their social network, which contributes to a stronger support system.


Training Class Schedule

The ongoing Chinese martial art and lion dance instruction is free of charge. The East Wind philosophy has long held that martial arts and lion dance should be used as a means for young people to gain confidence, develop new skills, learn about the Chinese culture, strengthen physical and mental abilities, and to make new friends. For more information about our martial art workout schedule, see below.

Day             Time                                      Level
Friday         6:30 PM – 10:00 PM         Beginners, Intermediates, & Advance
Saturday     5:30 PM – 10:00 PM         Beginners, Intermediates, & Advance



Committed to promoting the importance of academic achievement, East Wind has developed a comprehensive program to support the academic and professional growth of every single youth in the program.  Ranging from newsletter committee for middle school and high school students to scholarship awards for college students, East Wind’s devotion provides financial incentive and support to those who exemplify a dedication to their academic future.  For students who are passionately seeking a full and rewarding career, the Career Development Program provides an innovative mentorship experience that offers insight into the students’ career choice.  This includes job shadowing, resume building, internships, job interview workshops, college tours and presentation by job industry leaders.


East Wind is focused on forging an environment that cultivates friendship and a sense of belonging through community programs that bring families together.  With their annual Mammoth trips, holiday BBQ’s and Chinese New Year banquets, East Wind has perfected the formula to building camaraderie and amity across many generations of students and many disparate communities.   For most, this is where friendships are born that last for a life time.  Below is a list of community activities that East Wind is involved with:

  • Annual Essay Writing Contest for Castelar Elementary School’s 5th grade students
  • Volunteer for Alpine Recreation Center’s annual Community Halloween Carnival
  • Lion dance & martial art performance at Alpine Recreation Center’s Christmas Holiday Program
  • Annual lion dance performance at Los Angeles Chinatown Chinese New Year Parade
  • Kung Fu and Tai Chi
  • Kick Boxing and MMA
  • Yoga & Meditation